There's no denying that the world of sneaker customization has exploded over the last few years with dozens of talented designers and artists creating incredible product. Thanks to cobblers like?Randy the Cobbler?and the Shoe Surgeon, we've also been able to see creations that might've previously only existed in our imaginations.

Amongst those talented cobblers is Jester, otherwise known as Red Ribbon Recon on Instagram is back making headlines after his adidas Yeezy Ultra Boost custom collaboration with Mache back in September. Jester recently took to the 'Gram to share his latest creation, the adidas Yeezy 350 Cleat, a custom he's dubbed the adidas Yeezy Ace. For soccer fans, this is an exciting design considering this would arguably be the most hyped cleat ever sold and to ever hit the pitch. How many of you actually imagined the 350 as a cleat? ?Whether if you did or didn't, Jester made it and now we have an idea what a Yeezy cleat would actually look like.